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Class of 2017 - We Love Our Seniors!



Warren Fuselier

A quick glance at Warren Fuselier's accomplishments at Booker T. Washington makes it clear that his hard work was time well spent. Warren is a National Merit Scholar, Men of Power Man of the Year and National Honor Society Member. Warren enjoys English and history class and his former teacher and current mentor Dr. Anthony Marshall, because of the energy he brings to the classroom and the passion and dedication he has for his work. Outside of the classroom, Warren likes reading, playing the piano and spending time with friends. For his future plans, Warren will attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. and major in political science.


Amber Finley

The accolades Amber Finley has amasssed while at McLain are numerous. Ms. Titan, valedictorian, and Tulsa Tech Honor Society are just a few. Outside of class, Amber is a hard worker as she serves as a manager at McDonalds, sings in her church choir and plays volleyball. Through her hard work in the classroom, Amber only needed history and English her last semester so she considers those her favorite subjects. As far as favorite teachers are considered, Amber says both Ms. Hall and Ms. Hudson tie for the honor because, "they show compassion and they love their jobs." The U.S. Navy awaits Amber where she will train as a cryptologic technician.


Jawan Davis

Jawan Davis' personality shines through when he speaks. The Phoenix Rising graduate has plans of obtaining a Commercial Driver's License and entering the work force after commencement. Jawan likes to play basketball in his spare time and says English 4 is his favorite subject. Jawan has high praise for all his teachers and can't point to just one because as he says, "they are all good poeple."


Daniel Kincy

Hard work has earned Will Roger's Daniel Kincy membership in National Honor Society and twice placed him on the Principal's honor roll. Daniel has also lettered in football and track while on his way to graduation. Outside of the classroom he likes sports and playing pool while researching biomedical diseases and parasites. Daniel enjoys nearly all of his classes but his favorite teacher is Linda Richmond because according to him, "She is always so understanding." After graduation, Daniel will play football at Northeastern Oklahoma while pursuing a double major in architectural and mechanical engineering.


Stephanie Smith

Webster has provided a clear path for graduate Stephanie Smith. In addition to membership in National Honor Society, the Principal's Honor Roll and the Superintendent's Student Cabinet, Stepahinie is the salutatorian of the 2017 graduating class. Her favorite subject is science and she describes World Languages teacher Mary Bennett as, "the most caring and kind person you will ever meet." When she is not working, Stephanie enjoys time with her family, watching TV, and sleeping. After graduating, she has her sights set on attending Rogers State University while pursuing a degree in nursing.


David Flores

David Flores has made the most of his high school career by being named student of the month twice, serving on the Mayor's Youth Council and receiving the Tomas Rivera Award. David's favorite class is math and he says Spanish teacher Jackie Portman is his favorite teacher because, "She cares for you like no other teacher." When he's not in class, David enjoys quality time with family and friends. After graduation, David plans to attend college and pursue a nursing degree.


Xandreah Nanaeto

This year, Xandreah was recognized for her good grades and being a successful young lady by the Native Americans of the Creek. She plans to take the knowledge she has gained at Tulsa MET and study psychology at Tulsa Community College before finishing her education at Haskell Indian Nation University. Xandreah's favorite subject this year was anatomy and her favorite teacher is her social studies teacher, Alex LeMay-Hildebrand because of her caring nature and positiveness. Outside of the classroom, Xandreah likes to explore new things and spend time with friends and family.


Faith O'Dell

Faith O'Dell operates ahead of the much so that she is graduating a year early. That extra time is allowing her to get a head start on her career plans to become a yoga instructor. History is Faith's best subject and she credits Matt Myers and Cassie Austin as being her favorite teachers. When asked about what she enjoys about attending Pheonix Rising, Faith says, "We are a small school so there is a family atmosphere here. My classmates are like family to me."


John McDowell

John McDowell works, period. "I spend most of my time working out or spending time with friends." He continues, "workouts are the highlight of my day, all in the preparation of the future." John works in class too. Principal's honor roll, National Honor Society and three nominations to attend the U.S. Naval Academy only scratch the surface of his achievements. First Sergeant Raymond Shipps is John's favorite teacher, describing him as a mentor from day one of his freshman year. John has enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and will leave for boot camp in August. He will complete college in the Marine Reserves with a law degree and work towards being a commissioned officer.


Elijah Landrum

To list Elijah Landrum's achievements in high school requires multiple pages. Honor roll, state basketball champion and McDonald's All-American don't begin to tell the story of what Elijah has accomplished. Elijah's favorite subject is Spanish and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Borsher because as he puts it, "She cares about us as people and not just students." Outside of class, he likes to hang with friends and teach children at church. After high school, Elijah will attend Southern Methodist University on a Division I basketball scholarship.


Blair Wilferth

From a young age, Blair Wilferth knew that teaching was in her future. Without hesitation she says, "I want to be a chemistry teacher." She has a head start in that direction by acting as a chemistry tutor to other students at Memorial. Chemistry instructor Stephanie Mohr-Lowery is Blair's favorite teacher whom she blames for her success. Outside of the classroom, Blair has served on the superintendent's student board and the school's academic bowl team. She also enjoy's being involed in Tulsa's art and music community. After graduation, Blair plans to attend Oklahoma State Univiersity and of course, major in chemistry.


Katelyn Berry

Determination is what defines Katelyn Berry's high school career. She says, "Determination will take you as far as you want to go." Her favorite teacher is Pam Simpson, her english instructor and senior advisor at Tulsa MET because doesn't hover over students but always offers help when it is needed. After commencement, Katelyn plans to attend Tulsa Community College while taking care of her infant daughter.


Joshua Mims

Joshua Mims does not play favorites, "I don't have a favorite teacher, but I do feel very grateful to have Ms. Shipps and Ms. Ray always keeping me on track," he says. Joshua does admit that English is his favorite subject because it's "something you need every day." Outside of class, he enjoys working, walking, and encouraging others. After commencement, Joshua plans to attend Wichita State University to pursue a degree in nursing.


Calah McQuarters

As a member of National Honor Society and the National Society of High School Scholars, Calah McQuarters loves to volunteer. When she's not volunteering at school, church or in the community, she loves to sing anything and everywhere. Her favorite subject is African American studies and she enjoys teachers Mr. Anthony Cherry and Dr. Anthony Marshall because as she explains, "They push me to think outside of the norm and have taught me to be in love with myself." After high school, Calah will put the knowledge she has gained in the halls of Booker T. Washington to use at Howard University.


Quint McCabe

Quint McCabe sees every moment as a chance to learn. That's earned him places on the principal's honor roll and the title of academic all-stater. His favorite subject is calculus and Engineering and Robotics instructor Lane Matheson is his favorite teacher. Quint explains, "Ms. Matheson says 'embrace the struggle, celebrate the success,' and she challenges every student." After commencement, he will set his sights on attending the University of Tulsa and studying computer science.


Hanisha Bahkta

Being named an AP scholar is just one of the many accolades Hanisha Bahkta has racked up in her high school career at Edison Preparatory School. Outside of class, she loves being involved in community service, watching television and learning to cook. Hanisha's favorite teacher is her AP Government teacher Demae Ashley because, "she is funny, unbiased and really makes you think." After graduation, Hanisha plans on attending the University of Tulsa and majoring in biochemistry.


Willie Horn

The role that academics has played in Willie Horn's career at Webster High School has led to his being chosen as valedictorian of his graduating class. Willie loves to work, volunteer and play or watch sports. In the classroom, he enjoys U.S. History class the most. He likes his teacher, Mr. Baker because, "he doesn't just teach from the book." After high school, Willie plans to attend Oral Roberts University and pursue his Masters of Business Administration degree.


Makala J. Scott

Aside from academically being in the top 10% of her class, Makala Scott is also her student body class president at Will Rogers College High. Makala plans to attend Jackson State University and double major in biology and history and attend medical school upon graduating. She hopes to one day specialize in genetics and laboratory work.







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