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Inspiring and Preparing Every Student
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We will learn, apply, reflect, adjust and persist together.

Our students—from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade—will develop the mindsets, knowledge, skills, and habits to achieve academic, career and life success.
Teachers will work together to ignite the joy of learning by building their collective knowledge and continuously expanding their mastery of content and the instructional practices needed to provide powerful and engaging instruction to students with diverse needs and interests.
School leaders will hone their abilities to instill a shared vision of academic success for every student, build talent, develop instructional leadership teams of teachers and staff, and cultivate communities of learning and support throughout each school.
As a collective, we will provide resources and supports matched to student need to ensure that all students—including those who are struggling and those who are thriving—receive what they need to develop their full academic and social potential.
District support staff will develop their competencies and improve their approach to serving schools, students, and families, and align their work in support of exceptional teaching and learning for every student.



  • student achievement data
  • school health indicator data from
  • the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Education Policy
  • student survey data
  • professional performance measures
  • professional learning data


Bringing Our Plan to Life

School Teams...

  • Teachers will provide learning to all students that is broad, deep, interdisciplinary and connected to ambitious goals.
  • School teams will address and support the needs of all students, including English language learners and students with disabilities.
  • Principals and assistant principals will connect with families and the community to promote and support student success.
  • Principals and assistant principals will structure professional learning time to increase collaboration within and between schools and provide more opportunities for teachers to design and deliver professional learning.
  • Principals and assistant principals will provide rich instructional feedback and coaching, informed by student achievement data, to grow and sustain extraordinary teaching and learning.

Students, Families and the Community...

  • Students will attend school on time every day, work hard, and stay engaged;
    and families will support them in doing so.
  • Families and students will create morning and evening routines and read
    together every day.
  • Parents and caregivers will talk with their children about their day.
  • Parents and caregivers will connect with their children’s teachers.
  • Community members will volunteer their time, resources and talents by mentoring students, reading with students and participating in one or more of the community partnerships at Tulsa Public Schools.
  • Businesses will partner with us to provide students with brief yet powerful practical work experiences in their field of study.

The Education Service Center Staff Will...

  • Provide teachers with deep, broad, inter-disciplinary curricula that connect learning
    from prekindergarten to twelfth grade and prepare students for college and career
    success in a world of constant change.
  • Ensure teachers have a deep knowledge of content and learning goals as well as
    the instructional practices and social/emotional knowledge and supports needed
    to ensure excellence and equity across the district.
  • Ensure school teams have access to professional learning to support positive and
    productive classroom behaviors.
  • Partner with community organizations to expand evidence-based supports and
    services for students needing special assistance.
  • Foster advanced coursework, world languages and STEAM (science, technology,
    engineering, the arts, and math) and extracurricular opportunities for students in every school by ensuring the appropriate policies and conditions for their success.
  • Ensure that professional feedback and feedback tools foster reflection and growth aligned with improved student learning and success.
  • Create high-quality professional learning and ensure it is designed and delivered in a collaborative fashion, available in a variety of approaches (including feedback and coaching loops), and tailored to the individual needs of each teacher and leader.




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