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We will improve learning, solve problems and bring ideas to life through innovative and intentional design.

Students will think, question, assess, create and apply their learning and solve real-world problems.
Teachers, leaders and all staff will instill a culture of continuous improvement throughout the district in which we assess, reflect and adjust to meet our goals.
Teachers and leaders will foster and increase opportunities for personalized learning experiences that meet the needs, interests and aspirations of individual learners.
Students, teachers, leaders and all district staff will solve problems and address challenges using an approach that is user-centered and allows for imaginative and explorative thinking and collaboration.



  • customer service survey feedback
  • professional performance measures
  • student survey feedback
  • measures developed to capture the frequency and success of innovation and design


Bringing Our Plan to Life

School Teams...

  • School teams will use student data, best practices and their professional performance measures to reflect, grow their expertise and improve teaching and learning.
  • Teachers will monitor individual student achievement and design instruction to accelerate growth for every student.
  • Teachers will help students “own” their learning and foster creativity, innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking in the classroom and in extracurricular endeavors.
  • School teams will innovate by understanding the needs of students and families, working together, thinking outside the box, applying their best thinking and improving upon their efforts.

Students, Families and the Community...

  • Students will get involved in decision-making about their learning, create short- and long-term learning goals and monitor/improve upon their own performance.
  • Families, community members, and partners will provide thoughtful, constructive feedback on how we can improve and will work with us while we make the improvements necessary to design and scale new school and teaching models.
  • Business and community service organizations will share successful design innovations that have had the greatest impact on strong organizational performance to inform our design thinking.

The Education Service Center Staff Will...

  • Use data strategically and consistently to measure progress, identify key areas for improvement and determine readiness for innovation.
  • Expand high-quality school choices in all communities through new school strategies and models, as well as customized supports tailored to communities’ needs.
  • Foster the use of technology as a tool for accelerating and customizing student learning and supporting teachers’ work in the classroom.
  • Provide school teams with opportunities to innovate and create environments that best meet the academic and social/emotional needs of their students, including expansion of personalized learning environments.
  • Identify, support and, as appropriate, scale the best ideas that emerge from the innovation and design work of our teachers, leaders and schools.




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