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We will contribute to the well-being and success of our students and schools.

Students, teachers and leaders—working with families and community partners—will foster safe, supportive, and joyful learning environments that emphasize acceptance and inclusion for all students in all schools.
Students will positively contribute to their communities by respecting themselves and others; displaying empathy, acceptance, and kindness; and solving disagreements respectfully and peacefully. Educators and support staff will model the same care and respect.
District support staff and school leaders will develop and retain top-caliber talent who share our mission, vision, values and beliefs and create work environments that promote professional satisfaction and student success.
District support staff will adhere to a standard of excellence as they serve and partner with schools, students and families through proactive communication, as well as practices and policies that are transparent, responsive, flexible, collaborative and focused on improved learning and teaching.



  • customer service survey
  • Talent Management pipeline data
  • student survey feedback
  • English language learner/special education support data
  • school health indicator data from the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Education Policy
  • discipline data


Bringing Our Plan to Life

School Teams...

  • School teams will facilitate and implement strategies that promote accepting and culturally responsive learning environments.
  • School support teams comprised of school leaders, staff and external partners will assist students struggling to meet academic, behavior and attendance goals, and will build positive, empowering cultures in schools that embrace all students, families and communities.
  • School teams will model the behavior we expect from students in our classrooms and hallways.
  • Principals and assistant principals will retain and develop mission-driven teachers and attract promising new teachers.
  • Principals and assistant principals will leverage instructional leadership teams of teachers and staff to cultivate greater instructional expertise in their buildings.

Students, Families and the Community...

  • Students will be leaders for a positive culture in their school, demonstrating respect, fairness and kindness to each other, and speaking up if they see or experience bullying.
  • Families will set examples for students by solving problems peacefully.
  • Families will engage with school organizations and participate in school events.
  • Community service organizations will partner with us to align services and approaches to serving students and families and ensure families are aware of how they can get assistance.
  • Families, students and community members will advocate for educational matters at the state and local level; and policy makers will fund public education as among the highest priorities of government.
  • Families, students and community members will support school teams, events, and extracurricular activities.
  • Our community partners will collaborate to share and expand successes.
  • Families will set examples for students by solving problems peacefully.
  • Community members might consider a career at TPS and help us open the doors to students’ dreams and aspirations.

The Education Service Center Staff Will...

  • Provide timely, proactive, aligned and targeted assistance for schools in their support of students struggling to meet academic, behavior and attendance goals.
  • Develop and implement a district-wide structure (framework) to build and sustain positive cultures in our classrooms and schools.
  • Build an organizational environment that promotes employee engagement and collaboration, where strengths are leveraged, and where every team member is valued, empowered and supported.
  • Develop strong pipelines to recruit a talented and diverse team of leaders and teachers through internal cultivation, preparation programs and focused mentorship.
  • Develop career pathways and compensation and benefits structures to attract, retain, and value the teaching profession.
  • Foster a culture among district support staff of excellence, service, partnership and flexibility and prioritize resources equitably based on student and school needs.
  • Provide clean, safe and well-functioning facilities that match the needs of schools and support improvements in student learning.


TPS Non-Discrimination Statement
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