Alternative Schools

Tulsa Learning Academy

Tulsa Learning Academy is a virtual/hybrid school where students receive most of their instruction electronically. Teachers personally assist students in all core subjects at the Promenade Mall. Seventy percent or more of the instructional time is done on a personal computing device. Enrollment is open to elementary through 12th-grade students who live in the Tulsa Public Schools district.

To enroll: Print, complete then submit the application and required documents to the Tulsa Learning Academy location (below).

TLA does not accept applications in December or April.

Tulsa Learning Academy
Promenade Mall 4107 S. Yale Ave., Suite 143
Tulsa, OK 74135

Tulsa Learning Academy website


Tulsa MET Jr. High and High School

Tulsa MET is a Big Picture Learning School focused on increasing the academic success of students in a non-traditional school setting. At Tulsa MET, each student’s education is customized to meet their individual interests. All students participate in advisory groups, discover their passions and learning styles, and receive personal academic support. In the Learning Through Internships program (LTI), students investigate careers, volunteer in the community, complete career internships, and receive mentoring from industry professionals.

To enroll: Print, complete then submit the Tulsa MET Enrollment Application and required documents to the Tulsa MET location (below). We will then schedule a student interview.

Tulsa MET Junior High & High School
6201 E. Virgin St.
Tulsa, OK 74115

Tulsa MET website