Pre-kindergarten Programs

Enroll HereStart your child’s education off right! Enrolling in prekindergarten (pre-K) is one of the best steps that a family can take to support a child’s social and academic development. Most pre-K programs are free and full-day (see details below).

Pre-K enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year starts February 6, 2017 at 8 a.m. We encourage families to enroll students as soon as possible as pre-K seats are limited. There are limited enrollment protections for neighborhood students, siblings of students already at the school and children of Tulsa Public Schools employees, but only from February 6 – March 31.

[+] 2017-2018 Pre-kindergarten Programs

Free and all-day except where noted otherwise.

Call 918-746-7500 for space availability.

*Due to construction Emerson will relocate to 5402 N. MLK Blvd. (ECDC Bunche building) for the 17-18 school year.

**Due to the high interest in the Eisenhower and Zarrow PreK programs, there will be a 25% reserve for siblings and Tulsa Public Schools employees; the remaining seats will be filled using a lottery selection process.

Pre-K programs are not available at the following schools.

Additional free pre-K programs in the Tulsa community (not provided by Tulsa Public Schools):

[+] How to Enroll Your Student in a pre-K Program

Age requirement: Students must be 4 years old by Sept. 1, 2017

Step 1: Gather your enrollment materials.

You will need the following:

  1. Email address for enrollment communications
  2. Proof of Residence
  3. Student’s Birth Certificate
  4. Student’s Immunization Record
  5. Parent/Guardian photo ID

Step 2: Submit your application online.

Enroll HereYou can access the enrollment form from any device with Internet access. We encourage families to enroll from home or a location where the enrollment process can be completed. The application takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

During the enrollment process, you will be asked to enroll to attend your neighborhood school or an Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) site. If your neighborhood school is not your first choice, the form allows you to identify your preferred school.

Scan or photograph documents and upload them to the enrollment form at the time of submission. TPS can only confirm a pre-K seat when all documents have been submitted. See Online Enrollment Instructions (Spanish)

If you need assistance with the enrollment process, you may visit the TPS Enrollment Center (see address and hours at the bottom of the page). Some schools’ staff may be available to assist with online enrollment. Please contact your neighborhood school’s staff to confirm.

Step 3: Receive follow-up communication from TPS on a pre-K seat.

When seats are available, automated notices will inform parents that school enrollments are approved.

If space fills up, the student is placed on a pre-K waitlist. Enrollment center staff will contact families to confirm this status and review options. Families who completed the enrollment process in February or March will be contacted in April. Families who completed the enrollment process in April or later will be contacted starting in May.

In the event of low enrollment at a specific site, Tulsa Public Schools may choose to combine pre-K programs at a single location. If your student is impacted, we will notify you within 24 hours of that decision and provide other enrollment options.

[+] FAQs - Pre-kindergarten

PreK - Is my child old enough to attend prekindergarten?
Students must turn four years old on or before September 1.
PreK - How do I enroll for prekindergarten?
  • Use the TPS online enrollment application (see the online enrollment FAQ section for detailed information) – preK space is limited, it is based on first come first served with limited sibling and employee preference from February through March, beginning in April all enrollments will be determined by space available and first come first serve
  • Online enrollment is available at the Enrollment Center – computers and scanning upload assistance are available
  • Out-of-district enrollments can enroll online but must also submit an Out-of-District Transfer Application.
  • Applications will not be considered until August.
PreK - I live in the Tulsa Public Schools district but want my child to attend a school other than my neighborhood school; do I need to submit a transfer application?
No, Prekindergarten students are allowed to identify a school other than the neighborhood school on the online enrollment form. Please note this enrollment option is applicable only for the preK year.
PreK - How do I know if my students has been accepted or enrolled in a preK program?
  • Check your email for information – you will be notified by email when your enrollment is submitted and again when it has been approved. You will be notified by email if your enrollment is missing any required documentation.
  • Enrollment Center staff will call to provide options if space is not available at the your first choice
  • You can email or call Ann (918‑746‑7501) or Kesha (918‑746‑7522)
PreK - When will I be notified that my preK enrollment has been approved?
If space is available and all required documentation has been submitted enrollment approval notifications will begin on February 6. If you enroll from February through March and space is not available, you will be contacted with options no later than the end of April. If you enroll on or after April 1, notifications are sent via email as they are processed (within 24 hours).
PreK - What if I move after my enrollment has been submitted and want to change schools?
If you move, you will need to submit a new proof of address to the enrollment center or upload it to the online enrollment form. If you upload the new address proof, you must email or call Kesha Stanton, 918‑746‑7522 to update your school choice and inquire about space available at that school.
PreK - My child previously attended CAPTulsa, Educare, Crosstown or Cornerstone in a three or four year old program; do I need to complete an online enrollment?
If your child attended one of these schools please call us to confirm whether or not an enrollment is needed. If your child attended one of these programs as a four-year-old they are already listed in our student information system; our staff can assist with researching this for you. 918‑746‑7500.
PreK - Can my prekindergarten student ride the bus?
If your student will be attending their home school they may be eligible for bus transportation depending on your address. If you choose to attend a school other than your neighborhood school transportation will not be available. You can call the Tulsa Public Schools Transportation Office to inquire about transportation eligibility. 918‑833‑8100.
PreK - I applied to Mayo or Dual Language Academy for preK but did not get accepted. What do I need to do to attend a regular TPS preK program?
You need to enroll for your neighborhood school online and submit the required documents.






[+] FAQs - General Enrollment

What are the Enrollment Center hours?
The Enrollment Center is open 8 a.m - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays and most school holidays. Please arrive by 3 p.m. for new enrollments.
Where is the Enrollment Center located?
The Enrollment Center is located at 2819 S. New Haven Ave., north of the Charles Mason Education building (31st Street and New Haven Ave.). The parking and main entrance is located on the north side of the building.
How do I contact the Enrollment Center?
The Enrollment Center can be contacted in three ways:
  • Telephone: 918‑746‑7500
  • Fax: 918‑746‑6856
  • Email:
When can I enroll my child for the current or next school year?
Open Enrollment for all grades begins on the first Monday in February each year. Online enrollment can be completed from any internet connected device. Computers with online access are available for use at the Enrollment Center during normal business hours.
What documentation do I need to enroll a student?
  • Valid Government issued Photo ID of parent/guardian/caregiver
  • Certified copy of student's birth certificate
  • Proof that you are the parent, legal guardian, or caregiver of the student if your name is not listed on the birth certificate
  • Proof of Residence in the Tulsa Public School District boundary – acceptable items are:
    • A full page current (past 45 days), original electric, gas or water bill reflecting the service address.
    • If a current lease agreement/house contract (original copy) reflecting property address is used as proof of residency, tenant names (including school age children), agent's name, address and phone number will be required.
    • A bundled cable/phone service bill reflecting the service address.
    • Cut-off or late notices are not accepted.
    • Note: driver's licenses, DHS/IRS/bank statements, checks, payroll stubs, general mail or insurance statements, cellular phone bills or written statements from a homeowner do not meet requirements for proof of residence.
  • Previous school records if applicable
  • Immunization records
  • Social security card if available
What if I live outside the TPS district boundary?
For detailed information on out‑of‑district transfers, please call 918‑746‑7500, select the transfer option or visit the Parents-Enroll/Transfer page on the Tulsa Public Schools website.
What if I am a guardian of a student but not the parent?
You will need the required documentation for enrollment plus documentation that you have legal guardianship.
What if the Department of Human Services (DHS) or another agency has placed the child in my care?
You will need the required documentation for enrollment plus the safety plan or placement paperwork issued to you by the agency.
What if I do not have legal guardianship?
The student may qualify as an unaccompanied youth, contact the Homeless Coordinator at 918‑746‑6477, or visit the Enrollment Center.
You may qualify for an Affidavit of Guardianship, the legal parent/guardian must not live within a 90 mile radius of Tulsa or could be incarcerated.
What if I am homeless?
Contact the Homeless Coordinator at 918‑746‑6477, or visit the Enrollment Center.
What if my student is provided educational services via a 504 plan, child study plan, or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?
All students will be enrolled at their neighborhood school, school staff will be able to answer any specific questions pertaining to students with educational plans or inquiries about special programs.
The special education office can be contacted at 918‑746‑6390.
How can I receive information about state testing, reading sufficiency testing, or proficiency based exams?
Please contact your school counselor or the Tulsa Public Schools Assessment Office at 918‑746‑6255 for assessment information.
Students must be enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools before proficiency based exams can be scheduled.
My student is entering Tulsa Public Schools from homeschooling or a non-accredited educational institution, in what grade level will he/she be enrolled?
Students are initially enrolled in the most appropriate grade level based on student records, age, and other documentation available. Students may be enrolled in a lower grade level until grade level mastery of standards can be verified. The school will submit a Proficiency Based Testing request form to the Office of Assessment. A score of 70% or higher on each core subject test is considered mastery. The assessment results are forwarded to the school site; the site team reviews the results plus any other information needed to make a final determination of the appropriate grade level placement.
How do I know if my student passed the 3rd grade reading tests?
You will need to contact the school for specific information regarding your students Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) records. General information or district assessment dates and times can be provided by the Office of Assessment; please call 918‑746‑6255.
Was my student promoted?
Student promotion or retention information can be obtained by contacting the last school of enrollment. The Enrollment Center staff cannot provide confidential information about a student over the phone. The Enrollment Center staff can provide the current grade level of enrollment but cannot answer any questions about the reason for the retention or promotion. Parents/legal guardians/caregivers must contact the school for detailed information.
Why is my student enrolled in a different school this year?
If a student moved during the last school, they are enrolled in the new neighborhood school based on your address. If you have any questions about residency or school of enrollment, please call or visit the Enrollment Center. If you believe the school of enrollment is incorrect, please submit your proof of residency to the Enrollment Center so the enrollment can be updated.
Where do I go to obtain student records for clothing vouchers for Indian Education?
Please call the Indian Education Office at 918‑833‑8362 or 918‑833‑8960. They will issue the appropriate documents necessary. They are located at: 7635 E. 42 Pl., Tulsa, OK
How do I request my student records?
Student Record Request Forms are available on the Tulsa Public Schools website. The completed form can be scanned and emailed to: or faxed to 918‑746‑6856. Student records are available at the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center, 2819 S. New Haven Ave., Tulsa OK 74114. Student records cost $2 for each copy (cash or money order only).
How do I get a student work permit?
Contact your high school. School principals must approve the work permit and have the forms available.
How do I get the reading test verification form letter for my student's driver's permit/license?
The school counselor can verify and print the letters at the school site or they can be obtained at the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center.
What are the start and stop times for Tulsa Public Schools?
School start and stop times are available at Bell Times.
What are the uniform requirements for my student's school?
  • Uniforms are required in all schools
  • Each school has a unique uniform policy
  • Contact the school counselor for any available assistance for obtaining uniforms
  • For a complete list visit Uniform Information
How do I know which school I attend?
School boundaries and the school lookup function can be found at About the District-School Contacts/Locations
How do I transfer to a school outside my assigned school area?
In district transfers are available during specific transfer window dates throughout the school year. Transfer information and schedules at available at In-District Transfers






[+] FAQs - Online enrollment

Online Enrollment - Can I enroll online?
Yes, the online enrollment process allows for a complete enrollment transaction for students new to the district without the need to visit the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center. All documents must be uploaded to the enrollment form, documents can be scanned or electronic devices with internet and camera functions can be used to upload the documents. Enroll Online Here!
Online Enrollment - How do I log on?
  • Enroll HereOn the TPS website, select Parents tab-Enroll or Transfer My Child, then click the Enroll Here button.
  • Follow the online instructions, the help guide is posted on the website – You will need a valid email account before they can create an online enrollment account
Online Enrollment - How will I be notified that my enrollment (KG to 12) has been approved?
How can I check the status of my enrollment? If all required documentation has been submitted enrollment approval notifications will be sent within three business days. You can log into your account to check your dashboard at any time. You will be able to view all messages that have been sent to your email regarding the enrollment.
Online Enrollment - What if I move after my enrollment has been submitted?
If you move, you will need to submit a new proof of address to the enrollment center or upload it to the online enrollment form. If you upload the new address proof, you must call 918‑746‑7500 to notify us of the change; our staff will re-enroll your student at the correct school.
Online Enrollment - Do I have to upload the documents myself?
No, you can complete the enrollment from home and then bring the required documents to the Enrollment Center and we will upload the documents for you.
Online Enrollment - I have forgotten my password to the online enrollment, what do I do?
The system has a password re-set that will email you a link to re-set the password.
Online Enrollment - What if I can't remember my email address?
If you can't remember your email address to get the password, please call the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center at 918‑746‑7500.
Online Enrollment - I have not received any correspondence, what if I typed the wrong email address?
Try logging into your account. If you are successful the email address is correct. You should check your email account to see if the emails are going to spam. If you are unable to log in; your email address is most likely incorrect. Please call the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center at 918‑746‑7500 for assistance.
Online Enrollment - What if I have been locked out of my account for 1 hour?
We can change the email/password for the account but you will still be locked out for the full hour.
Online Enrollment - Is there anything I need to do after my enrollment has been approved?
No, the email approval will list the approved school and start date for your child. You can call the school to see if they are having any events before school starts that you would like to attend.
Online Enrollment - My enrollment was denied. What do I need to do to reactivate my enrollment?
If your enrollment was denied due to lack of documents you will need to upload the missing documents to the enrollment and call 918‑746‑7500 to have your enrollment reactivated. Some enrollments are denied if your child has attended TPS in the past. If this is the case you will receive an email with further instructions on the enrollment.






[+] FAQs - Riding the bus

How can I locate bus route information?
Bus Route Information is located on the Tulsa public Schools website.
How do I know if my student is eligible to ride the Tulsa Public Schools bus?
Eligibility for bus transportation is based on Tulsa Public Schools' Walk Zone policy and Enrollment policy:
  • Elementary age students must live over 1.5 miles from their home school
  • Middle, junior high and high school-age students must live over 2 miles from their home school
All transfer students who are not enrolled in a magnet program are NOT ELIGIBLE for transportation
A Partnership between Tulsa Public Schools and Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (MTTA) allows students enrolled in grades 9 to 12 to ride the Tulsa Transit buses on weekdays 5:00 am - 7:30 pm, free of charge with TPS student I.D. Email for more information. #TPSRIDES









Pre-K out-of-neighborhood placements: 918-746-7522 or 918-746-7501
General enrollment or online form assistance 918-746-7500
Pre-K email support:

TPS Enrollment Center
2819 S. New Haven Ave.
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. New enrollments are asked to arrive by 3 p.m.